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I am a 13 year old blogger, C programmer , Digital creator .I write my own blogs at this site.Hope you will love those.

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Digital Mohit or Mohit joshi is a young tech geek who is currenty google certified(Digital marketing) .He is a young c programer.He is also the founder of Coding infinity and founder of shairiyan mania with shivam bhandari(. He is one of the digital creator who creates his own content in forms of video blogs and articles at tiktok and instagrm.

What I Blog About

Here are some of the my strongest points about which I blog.

What People Are Saying

Mohit joshi is a very young talented geek who is currently doing amazing stuffs at a very young age.At his young age , he is a hustler and a good learner.
Dipanshu Parashar
India's Youngest cybersecurity author
Digital Mohit , a 13 year old kid with big dreams to achieve. For me, he is Way more talented and productive. The best thing abt Mohit is, even if he is so intelligent, he is grounded. That's what makes this very young kid a man. Loads of love and best wishes to my younger brother. You are gonna rock the marketing and programming industry for sure.
Aastha Thapa
Young entrepreneur and business consultant

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Digital Mohit
Digital Mohit
Digital Mohit