Friends vs career by digital mohit

Reality Behind Friends vs Career in 2020

Hey guys, wishing you all a tremendous morning.

Guy most of us are not able to decide between friends and career.

If we will observe, both are having their own importance in this universe but it is also a universal truth that there would be some point of your life where you would have to choose between the two.

This age between 13 to 18 or 19 is also called as adolescent age where basically our body starts getting matured and a lot of hormones are also released at this time.

Believe me I am in 8th standard and I am currently seeing those people of my age who are having their girlfriends or boyfriends and are pretending to be this much happy but this is only their life.

Guys , wake up, you are in the 21st century , the century of development , the world is getting developed at an alarming rate then why you people have got stuck in these bullshits or waste.(Many of the children who might be very serious towards friendship would be abusing me , but I don’t care , my moto is to just provide you all with the best stuff and make you realize the reality behind all this.)

What’s is the reality?

Guys, the reality is that you have gonna stucked in the hell of this bfs or gfs.

Yes, most of you might be getting angry but read the whole article to know the truth.

We all are at this age where we can say that he become a food of attraction in the same way deer becomes food of lion.Guys, just think for 5 minutes , you all would be in different standards in the schools, there would be a day when you all would get distributed towards your future but believe me you would not be able to do anything at that time because you haven’t done anything before passing your 12th standards. Some of you were busy in friendship, someone in relationships, what you believe, will this relationship be continued after your 12th standard? I never say friendship is bad, I also have too many friends but “what quality of friendship, you all are having matters a lot.”

I myself see some children you are also day dreaming for their bfs or gfs in the class, guys you all have gonna mad. People stay in relationship for some days and after that when the breakup happens, they lost their career.

According to me the point where you all enter that relationship is your failure towards your career. (1% are those, who manage to deal this issue.)

Talking about friendship, you should have friends but quality fans. Someone said, “I will identify your nature when I would see your friends”. Guys ,I know school life is that age where you should be enjoying but remember one thing there should be no point where you leave your studies or your interest for your friends or relation. Guys , I know many of you are not good in studies and I too not, but there are a lot of options to do in this technical world. Me at age of 13 is doing blogging, why can’t you. Guys , start exploring and making your world.

Stop believing in these bullshits.

Never leave your studies or your talent for a person.

Because every person in this world will leave you one day except your parents.

Demerits of these things?

Let us suppose you are having a relationship from 8th standard and you only focus on that person , you are leaving your talent behind , in fact your parents (“I don’t believe how you all are this much selfish , the parents who are feeding you , you are cheating them“).Now at 11th standard you had a breakup. Now you lost that person, for some months you would be definitely crying and wasting your time. After that your 12th boards would be arriving and the children who were having a dream of cracking JEE , have already loose this race because since 8th standard you were focusing on your relationship , haven’t studied a little bit and now are hoping to crack this exam(Haha).

Guys, stop focusing on your relationships , start a step towards your career.

You would be getting time to do all these things at college but for now start to focus on your career rather than these bullshits.

In America , children of our age are having that mindset that we on our own have to develop whether for paying college fees or other stuff but in India we all are dependent on our parents , guys start something on your own and believe me ups and down would be there and if not so then you are doing nothing , you are at 0.

Boys and girls don’t do not focus on girls or boys, I day automatically they would come to you, when you would be having your own personality.

I never say to not spend time with your friends but spend limited time. Focus on quality friends.(Always listen to every bullshits but grasp only the good vibes)

This was my perception or believe , comment me and tell yours.

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