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The Ultimate Guide to create a free website in 2020

So, hello guys, I think are you in search how to create a free website with free hosting? Here I have created an ultimate guide for you to create a free WordPress website with free hosting.

So, let us start this Ultimate Guide: –

  • What is this website???
  • A website is basically a collection of different web pages in which we are having some valuable stuffs whether they are in form of knowledgeable stuffs or entertainment one.
  • A website is published on at least one web server.
  • These websites can be maintained by an individual, group of individuals, organization.

Where these websites can be used??

  • Setup your own online e- commerce business at Rs.0 investment.
  • Write your own blogs and let people discover those stuffs.
  • Share your knowledge around the globe.
  • Play ads and promote affiliate links to earn passive income.

Two Backbones while creating a website: –

There are two factors on which your website depends completely and these two play a major role in creation of a free website.


  • DOMAIN NAME: – A domain name is basically the name of your website which you are planning to make. For example – I am having my website so this whole “THEMOHITJOSHI.COM” becomes my domain name. Same is the case with,

Now domain extension also plays a major role while creating a fully perfect website. The domain extensions are like .in,.com, ,online,.tech and many more (conditions apply – these all are paid ones)

How the free extensions look?

Free extensions look like .tk , .gm , .lk.

NOTE: - According to my personal
experience if you are really interested to have you own perfect website that I
will advice you to go for a paid domain because it increases your domain

free domains – ,

Paid domains: – best is (my personal experience)

Cheapest paid domains: – Namecheap and big rock

  • HOSTING: – Hosting is basically a container in simple words where you can store your domain. You can store the data and all the files of your website there.
  • It makes your website accessible via the world wide web. (In simple words people all around the globe can have access to your content, the way in which you are gaining knowledge from my content)

 From where to get free WordPress hosting??

            So, the Ans is: –INFINITYFREE.NET

When I was creating my first website , you will not believe I searched almost 15+ sites to know from where to get free WordPress hosting but the result I found was 0 .One day I come to know that there is a secret option in infinity free site where you can have free WordPress hosting.

 Secret option was – Softaculous application

  How to add a domain and get free WordPress from Softaculous?


  1. Open on your laptop and login to your account, if you are a new user then just create a new account.
  2. Now click on add an account and in the custom domain section add your domain name that you have bought .For this you have to first change your name servers so to do that just move to site from where you have bought your domain name and change on a option change nameservers and manage myown servers.
  3. Now infinity free uses two main nameservers that are
  4. So, replace the existing servers with the two servers I provided you up there and click on save settings, after sometime you will soon receive any email that your nameservers are updated so after this, fill the custom domain section in infinity free and proceed further.
  5. Now you will be getting an option of control panel, just approve it and scroll down to addon domains option. If your domain has been already added there then there is no need to add another but if not so then add your domain (This will take 1 day to be executed successfully)
  6. After 24 hours, try to open on your site URL on chrome and if you see an option of directory listening then you are having a “Victory”.
  7. After this, now scroll more down in control panel and you will see an option of Softaculous application. Open that and from there just click on install WordPress and fill the details.
  8. In this way get your WordPress dashboard ready in 5 minutes.
The answer is of course a paid one but if you are a beginner then you should prefer with free hosting. Free hosting in itself have some pros and cons.

There is a limit in free hosting that you can only work for some time in a day. If you worked more than that, then your site would be suspended for 24 hours. (This has happened with me more than 4 times, so no need to worry)

Contact me for any doubts or difficulties if you are facing.

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